“The first time my son said “yes sir” after asking him to complete a chore he had, made it worth the price of admission… All joking aside I am glad that both my son and I found this place as it gives us a great place to bond and learn great long life skills.

The staff pushes me and is very encouraging and does everything they can to ensure we don’t give up. It’s hard work… I’ve left with bruises and sore muscles, but that’s how I know I worked hard!!

We just celebrated our 1 year there and looking forward to the next several years.”

-Curtis Beiersdoft

“I love this school. I’ve been a member for four years, andin that time I have learned a lot, improved my health, and made a lot of friends. The staff teaching style is very open and positive, with a lot of constructive criticism and humor. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness level or learn a traditional martial art and modern self defense techniques, I highly recommend this school.”

-Mike Oliveri

“My eleven-year-old daughter is taking Okinawan karate on Knoxville her manners are better her physical attitude is better and she’s learning more discipline because I work so much I will rely on sensei to help her understand about life”

– Jeffrey Rogers

“Best staff, best classes! Couldn’t ask fo a better experience!!! Our 5 year old has been in classes since she was 3 with no signs of stopping!!”

-Jennifer Zenter

“Watching my grandson… Dallas, my granddaughter … Emily and my son … Joshua achieved so much since they are training at Academy of Okinawan Karate. So proud of all three of them!!”

– Tr Lohn

“My son is in the 6 and under class in Morton and he loves it. Since he’s started, his self confidence, balance, strength and and fine motor skills have greatly improved.”

-Rebekah Beard

“My grandson is now a yellow belt at 8 years old. We all love the instructors and they are great with the children and adults. I enjoy every session watching my grandson increase his Karate skills and knowledge. He wants to be a black belt one day and we know he will accomplish that at this school. If he needs individual help they are willing to give it and when he has asked the other higher level belts for help they are helpful too and they all want everyone to succeed.”

-John Read