Without a philosophy of personal development, Martial Arts would be little more than street fighting. At the Academy of Okinawan Karate, we teach and emphasize a series of basic life skills that challenge our students throughout not only their Martial Arts training, but also their everyday lives. This includes self-discipline, focus/concentration, fortitude, integrity and honesty.

“Through self-control and discipline, one may learn to control his emotions and actions. This allows him to spread joy rather than discord. In this way, one may be helpful to his family, community, and society at large.”

-Advice from Joseph Johnston sensei

Academy of Okinawan Karate offers classes for adults and children (3 years old and older). The AOK was chosen as one of the top 200 Martial Arts Schools in North America as well as winning many other local and broader awards. We offer Karate, Kickboxing and Haganah (Israeli Fighting) classes.

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“I shall conduct myself in a manner which will reflect credit upon myself and society.

I shall be loyal to my school and the art it teaches.

I shall be honest and exercise intergrity with the purpose of developing cooperation and trust between myself and society.

I shall exercise restraint in the use of my karate knowledge, employing it only in a fair competition and in defense of my life, my family, and my country”

-Dojo kun – AOK school creed