Adult Classes

All students learn the same material at the Academy of Okinawan Karate, no matter the age. But when teaching different age groups we can teach differently and focus on different aspects of our karate.

Reasons why adults train in karate:

  1. Self-Defense – self defense is the reason karate was developed. At the AOK we work many different drills to improve this skill. We believe you must work your karate against a partner. There are a number of ways to do this including bunkai (analysis of traditional kata), kumite (sparring), self-defense scenarios (including our haganah program), and weapon disarms/defenses.
  2. Physical fitness – many people tire of the same types of workouts over and over for years. Karate training will change your routine will teaching you much more. Karate will improve strength, flexibility, stamina/endurance, coordination, and agility.
  3. Self-discipline – “Discipline is the root of all good things.” – a quote from Jocko Willink a BJJ black belt and Navy Seal. Through self-discipline and self control we can help those around us including our family and co-workers. Discipline is the foundation of karate.
  4. Stress relief – we all know that exercise is a great tool for reducing our stress levels. To go along with that we are great at teaching tools to control it.
  5. It’s fun! – most people love the chance to learn new things and try new things. Karate is a new way to enjoy an activity.