Peoria Dojo

The Academy, under Walker shihan, grew to be one of, if not the largest, Shuri-ryū dōjō in the world.  Many students’ lives have been changed under his guidance.  Walker shihan, with his vast knowledge and experience, also instituted judō, kobudō, kendō and iaijutsu classes at the dōjō.  The Academy has produced 17 world karate champions, and many national, Midwest, and state champions, including the two karate-ka to be the head instructor, Joseph Walker shihan and Joseph Johnston sensei.  The AOK was voted to be one of the top 200 dōjō in North America.  At the time, there was more than 18,000 dōjō in the US alone.   In January 2015, Walker shihan handed over instruction at the dōjō to his stepson, Joseph Johnston sensei, and moved to Burleson, Texas.  Under new leadership the dōjō has continued its progress and dedication to Shuri-ryū karate.

Located at 8875 N. Knoxville Ave Peoria IL 61615