Academy of Okinawan Karate

Taught by Shuri-ryu Chief Instructor Joey Johnston

Teenage & Adult Classes

For over two thousand years the people of the East have looked towards martial arts as the perfect way to increase fitness, flexibility and stamina. You've always heard that Karate is a great way to relieve stress and stay in shape. And, you've wanted that feeling of confidence that comes from knowing you can defend yourself and your family if necessary. Now, see for yourself what the Martial Arts can do for you!

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In the modern world of stress and hassles, the Academy of Okinawan Karate can help. Through our unique training method we will show you how to relieve tension and stress so you feel great. We attain this through a unique blend of Self-defense, stretching, and a great workout. Your self-defense skill will be second to none, as the Academy of Okinawan Karate provides an excellent format for learning practical self-defense against all types of attacks, whether standing up or on the ground.


With crime on the rise and violent assaults on females up, it pays for today's woman to have first-hand self-defense knowledge. The Academy of Okinawan Karate offers a specialized and comprehensive self-defense program so that you can learn the basics quickly and easily. We will teach you how to overcome grabs, punches, kicks and even weapons. Aside from the feeling of confidence that comes from knowing you can protect yourself, the martial arts is a fun and exciting way to stay in shape. The stretching and fitness exercises are an excellent way to lose weight, tone your body, and feel great, as well as reduce tension and stress.


At the Academy of Okinawan Karate, we will not only be helping you get into better shape and teaching you practical self-defense skills, we will also be teaching you skills that can help prevent attacks. Skills like increasing your awareness so that you can identify potential threats beforehand, carrying yourself with confidence so you are less likely to be attacked, establishing and maintaining boundaries between you and a potential attacker, distracting or temporarily disabling an attacker so that you can get away, and how to call attention to an emergency situation, so that help is more likely to come.




The Academy of Okinawan Karate has been helping men and women improve their  fitness, confidence, and self-defense skills for 25 years, and we want to do the same for you. So, we are offering you, as an Internet visitor, a free introductory lesson(others pay $5.00) so you can see the benefits a martial arts program can provide. In addition, if you sign up for classes, we will give you a free Official Karate Uniform (a $32.00 value). Call 692-2499 and mention this offer to set up your free introductory lesson. Remember to print up this page and bring it in for your lesson so you can take advantage of the free uniform when you sign up for classes.

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Shihan Joseph Walker and the AOK staff



Remember, it is never too late to start on the road to better fitness and better self-confidence. The Martial Arts is a fun and effective way to get there. Call 692-2499 and set up your free introductory class.