Academy of Okinawan Karate

Taught by Shuri-ryu Chief Instructor Joey Johnston

Kobudo, or the "ancient martial way," is the art of self defense with traditional Okinawan weapons. These weapons were developed side-by-side with karate, and in fact both karate and kobudo said to go hand-in-hand in Okinawan culture. At the Academy of Okinawan Karate, our weapons instruction includes the bo (staff), sai (tri-pointed dagger), nunchaku (flail), kama (sickle), tonfa (nightstick), and eku (oar). Kobudo is safe and fun for all ages, and allows our students to experience another dimension in their martial arts instruction. 

Any student who has learned the first punching exercise, Taikyoku Ichi, and who has parental permission are encouraged to attend kobudo classes.  Kobudo classes are encluded with student enrollment.

Would you like to learn to use the staff or nunchaku? Give us a call at 309-692-2499 and we will be happy to schedule an introductory lesson.

Kobudo classes are taught in Peoria on Tuesday nights at 8pm. Morton and Eureka offer kobudo classes on Saturdays at noon.